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This years conference line up features some of the industries greatest speakers and presenters covering a wide range of Insurance Restoration Contracting topics geared towards helping you “Win The Storm”!  Are you interested in signing up as a speaker or presenter?  CALL 330.57.STORM

Anthony Delmedico

Anthony Delmedico


PRESENTING: Industry Entrepreneurship, Scaling Your Company, Key Management Positions, Sales Recruiting & Mobilization

INFO: Anthony Delmedico, Author of “Win The Game” and Founder of the WTS Conference, started out in the industry as a door knocking salesman for a roofing company in 1999, breaking industry records and hitting $3.2M in personal sales in a calendar year.


Within two years, he became a licensed General Contractor, and launched his first Roofing Company from his basement, with a card table and six folding chairs.  Anthony went on from there to eventually open offices up in 18 states, and even one in Australia, producing $173M in combined company revenues, in twelve years.   He launched Storm Ventures Group (SVG) in 2013 to assist other industry entrepreneurs launch, grow, and scale their companies in the chaotic, and complex, $100B+ insurance restoration industry.




“Hey folks, I would like to personally invite you to the WTS Conference.  You will meet and hear from industry Shakers and Movers, and from those with real street credentials.  You will learn industry trade secrets, get years of proven systems and training, to help take you and your company get to the next level!  You will hear from the best speakers, as well as learn a variety of important topics, modeled after the 3 Pillars of Success:  SELL. BUILD. COLLECT.  You will hear from many industry speakers, and a learn many new changes and challenges when dealing with growing/scaling your company, dealing with insurance claims, assessing property damage, using public adjusters, legal issues, taxes, and the latest in technology such as CRMs, and Drones, and how to leverage these changes to your advantage TO GET MORE CUSTOMERS and INCREASE YOUR SALES!  We also have more than 100 of leading industry vendors participate in our conference, as part of our WTS TRADE SHOW EXPO.  Join us in Las Vegas this winter. Learn something new, have some fun, and network with other Industry Entrepreneurs just like you. Scale your company in 2018!” – Anthony Delmedico

Eric Thomas – Day 1 Keynote Speaker

Success & The Grind

“When you want to Succeed as bad as you want to Breathe, then you will be Successful.”

Come watch Eric inspire and motivate through his impactful words – this alone is enough value to come to this event!


We have officially booked world-renowned motivational speaker Eric Thomas for Win the Storm 2019!

Come watch Eric inspire and motivate through his impactful words – this alone is enough value to come to this event!

CLINT ARTHUR – Day 2 Keynote Speaker



INFO: That’s right!  Celebrity Entrepreneur Clint Arthur will be live on stage at WTS Vegas.

Let Clint give you the tools you need to better your life and your business!


Hand selected due to their explosive growth as contractors over the last few years, these executives will share the pain and success of their growth.

Dan Young CEO panel

Dan Young
Young Construction

sam struthers CEO panel

Sam Struthers
Crest Exteriors

Paul Reed CEO panel

Paul Reed
Northwest Roofing

Eric Armstrong CEO panel

Eric Armstrong
Quick Roofing

David Boggs CEO panel

David Boggs
Affordable Roofing

Steve Shanton CEO panel

Steve Shanton
Venture Construction Group

Brittany Cherup

Brittany Cherup
Pit Crew Roofing

Brian Sorensen CEO panel

Brian Sorenson
Sorenson Roofing

Tres CEO panel

Tres Fulton
Collis Roofing

Scott Riopelle CEO panel

Scott Riopelle
Interstate Roofing

Matt Manero WTS event speaker

Matt Manero


PRESENTING: You Need More Money!

INFOMatt believes you need more money.  In fact he believes we all do.  Come listen and learn from Matts years of business experience as he shows you how to get it!


Twenty-five years ago, Matt Manero set off on his own with nothing but a folding table and a phone. For years, real success eluded him. He told people he was doing well when often he was on the edge of broke. Matt only turned things around by getting honest about his finances, taking responsibility for his situation and putting his game face on. That’s how he went from a dumpy one-bedroom apartment, with no clients or money, to owning a $100 million per year business. Matt believes you’re capable of the same and now he’s going to show you how. His latest book, YOU NEED MORE MONEY is part wake up call and part road map. His new book will be available on March 20th.

Rene Sigman

Rene Sigman

Regional Litigation Manager / MERLIN LAW GROUP

PRESENTING: Hot Topics Facing Contractors In The Age Of The Storm

INFOFrom small disputes to complex multi-million dollar litigation, Rene Sigman is known for her tenacity, dedication, and unbeatable work ethic in handling every case she touches. She holds her clients’ best interest at heart and her passion for bringing justice to her clients has earned her many accolades and awards within her field and among her peers.


Read Rene Sigmans full bio – CLICK HERE

Steven Badger WTS speaker

Steven J. Badger

Attorney – Sr. Partner / ZELLE LLP

PRESENTING: The Insurance Company Perspective — Straight From The Badger’s Mouth!

INFOBadger represents the property insurance industry in catastrophic risk exposures. He is well known as a vocal and aggressive advocate for the insurance industry in responding to alleged improper conduct in storm restoration claims and resulting litigation. Badger’s presentation brings a new perspective to Win The Storm, providing a unique opportunity to hear directly from a leading insurance industry advocate in what is sure to be a lively and hopefully productive discussion of hot topics and issues facing our industry.


Join us at WTS-Vegas on Friday morning (Day 2) for an event like the industry has never seen before!

Straight From The Badger’s Mouth!

Steve Badger 10am-10:30am

LIVE DEBATE: Anthony Delmedico vs. Steve Badger

10:30-11:30  | Contactor Issues and Topics

LIVE DEBATE : Merlin Law Group vs. Steve Badger

11:30-Noon | Policy Holder Issues and Topics


Additional information concerning Badger’s practice is available at: ZELLE LLP

Charlie Cina

Charlie Cina


PRESENTING: 5 Key Strategies to Expose Yourself, Close More Deals And Drive More Revenue.

INFOFor the past 30 years Charlie has worked in high level sales environments, building sales teams and driving revenue. He has also started and owned his own residential and commercial construction companies.


Charlie has sold into Las Vegas projects like the Wynn Resorts, Palazzo Hotel, Turnberry Towers, MGM and others. 5 years ago opportunity knocked and he entered into the world of Virtual Interactive Training. Charlie has acquired and worked with the top motivational speakers, sales trainers and subject matter experts in the world. He has personally consulted and guided them to create virtual interactive online training platforms to deliver their content and monetize world wide. Charlie will share his sales experience on how he acquired clients like: Les Brown, Tony Robbins, Jon Taffer, Eric Thomas and numerous others. He will teach you that no matter what you do, we are all in the Distribution Business. Learn the 5 Key Strategies to Expose Yourself, Close More Deals and Drive More Revenue.

John Houghtaling

John Houghtaling

Insurance Litigator & Entrepreneur / American Ethane Company


INFOJohn Houghtaling is a nationally known first party insurance litigator and entrepreneur. He manages a law firm with a 46 year old legacy that paved the way to the $365 Billion U.S. tobacco settlement, and won settlements and verdicts in an additional $4.7 Billion. As an entrepreneur in 2017, he personally signed the largest trade deal between the US and China.


Houghtaling’s career has appeared in more than 200 print and TV media stories including CNN, Fox Business News, the New York Times, Bloomberg, USA Today, MSNBC, and his career has been the feature of two feature length documentaries. One of Houghtaling’s cases against a US multi-billionaire served as the basis for the Hollywood Legal Thriller, staring Anthony Hopkins and Al Pacino, as New Orleans litigator.


In 2014 Academy Award winning director Morgan Spurlock filmed a CNN documentary profiling Houghtaling’s career as a lawyer and entrepreneur, as he fought for storm victims and simultaneously founded an oil and gas company that CNN predicted could make him a billionaire. On November 9, 2017 it was announced that Houghtaling signed a $26 Billion dollar gas deal with China, in the presence of President Donald Trump and President Xi Jing Ping. Houghtaling’s deal was the largest US to China gas deal in History.


In 2015, Frontline aired an hour long documentary in PBS which told the story of how Houghtaling represented thousands of storm victims in lawsuits against FEMA in Superstorm Sandy. As court appointed co-liaison Counsel, Houghtaling uncovered widespread fraud within the FEMA Flood Insurance program. Houghtaling’s disclosures led to a national insurance scandal that included federal fraud hearings, multiple congressional hearings in Washington in the House and Senate. In the fallout, the head of the NFIP admitted on 60 Minutes that third party federal contractors committed fraud to underpay Houghtaling’s clients. Houghtaling’s victory forced FEMA to reopen over 144,000 additional storm victim claims. The insurance scandal lead to an unprecedented fine against the largest insurer in NFIP and led to the arrest of a key insurance executive by the Attorney General of New York. In the aftermath, the litigation led by Houghtaling’s team caused the federal flood program to pay over a billion dollars in underpayments to victims, defense costs and additional fees for the re-adjusting of claims.


Houghtaling has been a national litigator in every major storm since he was appointed special counsel by the Attorney General of Louisiana in the multi-billion dollar litigation of policyholder rights in the wake of Hurricane Katrina. In the aftermath of hurricanes Harvey, IRMA, and Maria, he continues to speak nationally to contractors, insurance adjusters, and to advise clients, and state and federal officials.


Houghtaling takes private consultations on insurer losses that exceed a 1 million dollar threshold either individually or in the aggregate.


Videos :

Frontline –


Business Report –

Paul Olsen

Paul Olsen


PRESENTING: How To Sell Your Company.

INFOAs a business broker, Paul he has been involved in over 200 business transactions and prides himself on being an aggressive negotiator and a strong advocate for his business sellers to get them the best deal possible. Learn how to prepare your business for a future sale!


Paul Olsen, Denver Business Broker and owner of CBG, has served Colorado business owners in selling businesses and structuring transactions. Paul is a veteran deal maker that provides the small to mid-market business seller with a high level of quality resources and expertise in all types of business sales.


Paul has owned several successful businesses throughout his life – so he knows what is important to the business owner. As a business broker, he has been involved in over 200 business transactions and prides himself on being an aggressive negotiator and a strong advocate for his business sellers to get them the best deal possible. Paul is very proud of the job he has done for all his clients over the years. Please see the extensive library of video testimonies from Colorado business owners detailing the state – and the approach he uses to sell businesses.


Paul heads up a team of business brokers and other professional associates that assist him in the successful completion of business transactions. His office concentrates on businesses whose annual gross revenues are above $1,000,000. For over 2 decades, Paul has conducted over 200 educational seminars throughout the Front Range on a wide range of business topics.


Paul is a native of upstate New York, but has lived in Denver since 1990. He has a strong finance and sales and marketing background. Paul holds a bachelor’s degree from SUNY Oswego and his master’s degree from Colorado University(CU).


When he’s not at work, Paul enjoys running, skiing, hiking and spending time with his two daughters, Evie and Madelyn. Paul has climbed 49 of the 54 Colorado’s 14,000 foot mountains.

Doug Reitmeyer WTS speaker

Doug Reitmeyer


PRESENTING: “Becoming A National Federal Contractor” : By The #1 undisputed, Federal Contracting Expert In The World.

INFO:  Doug will be speaking on the federal government contracting industry, including FEMA contracts, and also heading up a break-out session for interested contractors on how to become a registered, qualified, and certified, national federal contractor, to include access to FEMA contracts after large catastrophic events.


This is an opportunity for Contractors and Industry Entrepreneurs to learn how to get access to a massive, $300B industry. There are over 900,000 commercial-size, federal buildings. While there are almost a million licensed contractors across the United states, less than 30,000 nationwide are setup to do business currently with the federal government. If you just take the roofing trade for example, there are about 45,000 commercial roofs per year being done per year, by the federal government.  SVG is teaming up with Doug Reitmeyer, to help you guys get setup, qualified, and registered to get access to this $300B INDUSTRY, and new revenue streams!

Read more about Doug on his Linked In profile and check out the articles below.

Doug Reitmeyer – LinkedIn

Dave Reitmeyer Show Me The Money
Dave Reitmeyer How To Become A Federal Contractor
Steve Patrick

Steve Patrick

AUTHOR / “Level The Playing Field”

PRESENTING:  Winning Insurance Adjustments – How to deal with unreasonable and uncooperative insurance adjusters.

INFO We have all experienced it.  The uncooperative adjuster who doesn’t want to buy the job for one reason or another.  Let Steve show you how to win over the adjuster, get the job bought, and keep your customers happy.


Read Steve Patricks full bio – CLICK HERE

Larry Bache

Larry Bache

Policyholder Attorney / MERLIN LAW GROUP

PRESENTING:  Hail Claims And Policy Changes

INFO Learn how to ethically handle hail damage claims and find out about the changing policy language that is attempting to limit hail coverage. Make sure your team is ready to handle hail claims in the future.


Read Larry Baches full bio – CLICK HERE

Harvey V Cohen

Harvey V. Cohen

Attorney / Cohen Grossman Attorneys At Law

PRESENTING: Insurance Claims – Assignment Of Benefits, Assignment Of Claims, & When To Use An Attorney

INFO:  Attendees will learn the legal strategies and tactics necessary to survive and thrive in the turbulent waters and market conditions associated with the insurance claims in your industry.  Learn how to get paid in full even when an insurance claim has been denied or reduced.

Matt Barnes Insurance Restoration Contractor

Matt Barnes


PRESENTING:  The NEW Trump Tax Plan and How to Cut Your Taxes!

INFO Matt has over 23 Years of experience as a CPA, specializing in Insurance Restoration. He specializes in tax strategy, savings and advice for Owners, Entrepreneurs, and Independent Contractors working in the Construction and the Insurance Restoration Industry.


Learn About Tax Matters & Benefits For Contractors


  • Learn how to benefit from Section 179 expense on all new assets and “heavy” trucks/vehicles.
  • Ensure maximum deduction under Section 199…erroneously missed by MANY construction contractors! Don’t be one of them.
  • How to get maximum benefit for employing your children in business…a better way to save for college!
  • Maximize vehicle deductions as contractor.
  • Ensure that your legal structure is correct to obtain optimal tax efficiency.
  • Cut your income tax liability by 50% or more!
  • Learn how to deduct 100% of cost of SVG conference/travel/meals/etc.
  • Learn all the new legal loopholes and write-offs available for Contractors and small business owners in 2017!
  • Learn how to write off many of your 1st or 2nd home costs… for home office deductions, corporate housing use, corporate retreat and business meetings
  • Learn how to use the categories of promotions vs. meals & entertainment for 100% deductions!


Tax planning and strategy starts at the beginning of calendar year, so you are not stressed out, at the end of the year. Kick off 2017 with some excellent tax advice for your business in 2017…and meet with Matt Barnes, to get important task advice and questions answered about your business.

Neil Reithinger

Neil Reithinger

President / Eventus Advisory Group LLC

PRESENTING:  IPOS, Mergers & Acquisitions! Become Acquired – How To Optimize Your Accounting & Finances

INFO:  Break out session for select contractors.  Learn about Reg A+ an incredible fundraising tool for an early stage company.



  • It makes the company public but without while mitigating the excessive SEC costs and rules.
  • The company does have to get an annual audit, but it does not have to be from a PCAOB registered firm, so considerably less money
  • The company can raise money by solicitation
  • No more strict “accredited investor” rules.  You could raise $1,000 from 1,000 people.  So really anyone can invest.


Neil is the Managing Partner of SVG and leads global joint ventures and IPO strategy. Neil is also Founder and President of Eventus Advisory Group, LLC, a CFO-services firm that specializes in capital advisory and SEC compliance for publicly-traded and emerging growth companies. He is also the President of Eventus Consulting, P.C., a registered CPA firm in Arizona.


Prior to forming Eventus, Neil was COO & CFO from March 2009 to December 2009 of New Leaf Brands, Inc., a branded beverage company, CEO of Nutritional Specialties, Inc. from March 2007 to October 2009, a nationally distributed nutritional supplement company (that was acquired by Nutraceutical International, Inc. NASDAQ: NUTR), Chairman, CEO & President of Baywood International, Inc. from 1998 to 2009, a publicly-traded nutraceutical company and Controller of Baywood International, Inc. from 1994 to 1998. Prior to that, Neil worked for Bank of America from 1992 to 1994.


Neil earned a B.S. in Accounting from the University of Arizona and is a Certified Public Accountant. Neil is a Member of the American Institute of Certified Public Accountants and the Arizona Society of Certified Public Accountants.

John Laub Insurance Restoration Contractor

John Laub


HOST: Master of Ceremonies