“The fact that our storm season downunder is the opposite to the USA means that Storm Ventures Group can draw on and deploy experienced people to more rapidly skill up the Australian operation and deal with catastrophic situations that would severely stretch other organizations.”

– Karl Scott, CEO of Maven Partners, Storm Ventures Group (SVG) Australian Division Partner


“We are excited to team with SVG to assist contractors with assessing storm damage to roofs and providing an engineering/assessment report within 72-hours to bring value to selling jobs. This Drone Mastery training is a requirement to be qualified to obtain the 72-hour engineer reports on demand.”

– Robert G. Harner, P.E., CPESC, LEED-AP, co-founder at Upstate Aerial Training, Storm Ventures Group (SVG) Drone Mastery Training Partner


“You need to focus on doing better every freaking day of your life. If doing better is not the main thing, it will not mean anything at all. If being successful is not the main thing, it will become nothing. If you don’t have ‘always’ in your business, you will end up with nevers.”
– Grant Cardone, Cardone Sales Training University, Keynote Speaker, Win the Storm Conference & Trade Show Expo


“No other event in the Storm Restoration Industry is quite like this one. The vendors are top notch. The speakers are some of the world class speakers here at this event. We’re having a great time. We’re learning tons about this industry and it has just been a valuable asset for everybody that’s been here.”
– John Laub, Atlantic Construction Solutions, Win the Storm Conference & Trade Show Expo Attendee


“Hey everyone! I am Shannon Laub here in Las Vegas at the Hard Rock Casino and we have got the Win The Storm Conference.  For all of you contractors, if you’re looking to take your business to the next level, step out of your comfort zone, this is the place for you.”
-Shannon Laub, Atlantic Construction Solutions, Win the Storm Conference & Trade Show Expo Attendee


“I’ve learned so much. I have learned that there’s a process – that sales is a predictable and easily prepared for process, and all you have to do is train just a little bit every day.”
– AJ McBride, Statewide Contractors, Win the Storm Conference & Trade Show Expo Attendee


“It was a great event and you all have done a great job! This Win The Storm Conference has got incredible energy.  There is a lot of great people here. I have never seen such a room of Storm Restoration contractors. I’ve been to a lot of different conferences, and I am enjoying the heck out of it.”
– Lee Haight, Founder of Sky Diamonds University, Win the Storm Conference & Trade Show Expo Attendee


“I think that contractors that are hungry and eager, want to gear up to go do storm work. I think this is the perfect place for them to come learn, be educated, and meet people in the industry.
– Win the Storm Conference & Trade Show Expo Attendee

“They have been doing this for many years and years. You can learn from their mistakes, learn from what they have here to teach you. Instead of going out there and trying to do it on your own, and making mistakes they have already made, they are teaching you how NOT to do that and that is very valuable. You can’t really learn that from anywhere, a book or anything. I think you have to learn it from people that have actually done it. They have done it, and we are learning here.”
– Matt Irvin, CEO Restoremasters, Win the Storm Conference & Trade Show Expo Attendee


“There’s so many tools and everything that are available now that, you know, even in my first 25 years in the business I never even used or knew existed. I absolutely recommend this conference.”
– Barry McConnell, Eagle Exteriors, Win the Storm Conference & Trade Show Expo Attendee


“They literally teach you, from start to finish, in two days, how to build a $10-20M dollar company. If you don’t do it, you’re winging it.”
– Joe Gumina, CEO Highcraft Home Improvement, Win the Storm Conference & Trade Show Expo Attendee


“Anthony keeps everyone so motivated and so interested with everything that everyone is talking about. That is really appreciative when you’re sitting in a presentation from someone that has a very motivated speaker. He is a very motivated speaker.”
– Win the Storm Conference & Trade Show Expo Attendee


“That is why all these systems like accounts receivable and rules matter. Because anybody with a slight I.Q. and drooling problem could probably be halfway successful 3-6 months after a storm, right? It’s almost hard to be a failure. At first it’s like, wow this is great, money is coming in. But it’s about what happens when you hit the plateau and the downward side, and how do you react to that as an entrepreneur.”
– Anthony Delmedico, CEO/Founder Storm Ventures Group


“I have been to a lot of conventions and events for success that roofers/contractors magazines have put on. Anthony has done a great job. This is by far more informational than anything I have ever been to.”
– Justin Olekler, CEO Heartland Enterprises, Gulf Coast & Construction, Win the Storm Conference & Trade Show Expo Attendee


“If you are serious about becoming a multi-million-dollar company owner, come to the SVG convention.”
– Joe Gumina, CEO Highcraft Home Improvement, Win the Storm Conference & Trade Show Expo Attendee


“The SVG conference was great! Hearing Anthony speak really helped me and my partner realize how we could grow and scale our company successfully. In addition to Anthony, we heard from some other great speakers as well. After the conference, we implemented several SVG systems and are now generating more revenue than we imagined! Can’t wait for this year’s conference!”
– Mike Jacobs, Win the Storm Conference & Trade Show Expo Attendee


“Anthony did more than just speak, he really showed us how to “Win the Game.” The conference had great presenters and a wealth of information we were able to use to grow our business and double revenues in the last year. The SVG products we purchased also helped us manage our growth effectively. See you next year!”
– Steven Miles, Insurance Restoration Contractor, Win the Storm Conference & Trade Show Expo Attendee


“We had SVG founder and CEO Anthony Delmedico fly in and spend three days at our company assisting us with launching some of the SVG systems to help us scale our company to the next level in 2016.  We already do approximately $15,000,000 in revenues per year, but were looking for that competitive edge to double our revenues in 2016 and increase our profit margins.  We now have full systems ramped and amped in what Anthony refers to as the Three Pillars of Success in his book, “Win the Game”, for Contractors. Anthony worked with us and executed the SVG Phase I Sales Training System.  We now have a system in place, with key positions, and internal controls to rapidly scale our sales recruiting process allowing us to double, maybe even triple our sales revenues this year.  We added 12 new salespeople to our team that week.  He even got out in the field with or new sales team, sales manager and field trainer and helped execute a Saturday blitz resulting in 9 new signed contracts, and 2 commercial contracts, generating close to $250,000 in new pipeline and eventually perhaps close to $1M in business from the new sales momentum generated that week. He also did a separate training the SVG Phase II Sales Training System with our experienced sales reps, reviewed advanced sales training and tactics like Winning Insurance Adjustments, getting Supplements Approved, and Formally Contracting the Job correctly, all leading to higher profit margins and faster collections to close out jobs quicker. For both groups, Anthony conducted a Vision Statement and goal setting workshop that was something straight out of Tony Robbins…let me tell you that our salespeople, both old and new were absolutely FIRED UP, and now have a very clear plan on how to reach their financial goals, with monthly and weekly action plans, which in turn will help propel our company forward to reach its annual revenue target of $30M. He also did a review of our production management system, review of key positions, contracts, contract terms and job flow – revamping and tweaking small details to in effect help us build faster, get rid of unprofitable trades, and implement consistent internal controls, like a new Scope of Work and Contract Change orders to allow our Production Department build faster, and track changes in an efficient manner. We had a tremendous year last year in sales, but with a lot of sales comes much production and a whole lot of collection.  Anthony put the SVG A.R. management system in place and we are now moving all of our aging receivables from over 90 days to under 30 days.  What’s best is with this new system in place, and the right key terms in our contracts, invoices and our managers and salespeople all trained on how to re-enforce these internal controls, we will soon be on our way to getting all of our closed and collected jobs under 30 days.  Everyone is happy all around when they are paid faster, and cash-flow is strong. We highly recommend contractors to check out some of the SVG “Brand Your Own” systems to help them grow in this industry at www.stormventuresgroup.com.  Furthermore, Anthony Delmedico is worth his weight in coil nails to come out to your office for a day and help owners, managers and salespeople “connect the dots”, not to mention BLOW UP in terms of revenue and profit!”

– North-West Roofing, Denver, Colorado


“Queensland, Australia is prone to all kinds of storms and catastrophic events. We launched a joint venture with Storm Ventures Group (SVG) to help us better serve our property owners and customers after these weather related catastrophes.  We have since expanded our offices and added 3 new locations so we can serve Gold Coast, Brisbane and Sunshine Coast.  SVG provided us some great systems that helped us secure contracts and build our sales team faster, seeing revenues in the first 30 days. We now have a more proactive way with our new Storm Recovery Team to assist property owners across Queensland with storm damage restoration and repairs.”
– Storm Restoration Services Pty Ltd, Queensland, Australia


“We’re excited to learn more about expanding the industry! We learned about the joint ventures that SVG has to offer and we’re planning on planting a footprint in Canada. Whoo! We’re looking forward to bringing more profits to the table and making a lot more money.”
– Nisby Home Renovations, Winnipeg, Canada, Win the Storm Conference & Trade Show Expo Attendee


“We had a great time and learned a lot at the SVG “Launching a Successful Storm Division” seminar. Really great sponsors and presenters. We look forward to partnering up and working with SVG.”
– Room 2 Roof Restoration, Charlotte, North Carolina, Win the Storm Conference & Trade Show Expo Attendee


“This 2-day seminar with Storm Ventures Group was excellent.  Lots of great information. Heard from a lot of great vendors here.  The presentations were great. Robert at IKO was great. We heard from Angela at Elev8 Consulting Group who handles all your websites, domain, google juice and everything to get you out in the public eye.  Kevin at RK2 provided a lot of great info on supplementing. Joe and Bill at MaxCon help with hail reports, they’ve got everything you need to track your business and be successful. I’m fired up because we talked about money today, and that’s what we’re all here for, is to increase our bottom line.”
– Storm Master Construction, Atlanta, Georgia, Win the Storm Conference & Trade Show Expo Attendee


“Storm Ventures Group helped me launch a storm division in my company and I added nearly $1M in revenues in my first year just from insurance claims in my new division. In the summer of 2007, a catastrophic hail storm struck the Minneapolis area of MN creating $200M+ in property damage throughout Minneapolis and surrounding suburbs, including roofing, siding and exterior structural damage. As a newly formed female owned construction company, I was looking for some help in expanding my company into the storm restoration side. I was clueless how to deal with insurance companies in what can be a complicated process. I also needed some help in ramping up a 100% commission sales team to go after this type of business, as my current salespeople where used to simply bidding on regular retail jobs. After doing some research, I did a joint venture with Storm Ventures Group. They came in, and in a matter of 30 days created a large, motivated new sales team that went strictly after the storm restoration business. This was great for me so I could focus on my regular retail business while quickly learning how to run a storm division in my own office. SVG helped me achieve $1M plus in storm restoration business in that first year, and $1.5M in revenues the second year. This was in addition to the revenues my company normal generates from retail work. I am very pleased with this relationship as my office now has a new business model in place to capture revenues from any future weather related catastrophes (hail, wind, fire, or flood.) This new business model was helpful in keeping my business afloat during some of the tougher years following the 2008 recession. Great team to work with!”
– Abri Construction, Minneapolis, Minnesota


“Thanks for getting our sales team mobilized and amped to sell! We have expanded our operations and increased revenues by $3.7M in only 9 months.”
– Titan Construction, St. Louis, Missouri