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Win The Storm Bootcamp Curriculum



This year we are providing intimate BallRoom Bootcamps for a variety of industry-Related Certification, Classes, Curriculum, & C.E. Credits.   For those that want to learn new skill sets or revenue streams, new industry certifications or C.E. Credits, we have a wide variety of WTS All Day Bootcamps starting on TUES MAR 14, the day BEFORE WTS officially opens and pick up on FRI MAR 17.   

Click on the below cards to see full curriculum below topics and more!  There are 8 Ballrooms that seat from 235 to 585.  Attendees must RSVP in Advance.  First Come – First Serve!  Call 330-57-STORM for more information.


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Some Come For The Speakers & Training, Some Come For The Vendors & Networking, & Some For The Fun!

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