Innovative classroom session helps contractors and insurance adjusters obtain 72-hour engineer reports on demand

DALLAS, Texas – Storm Ventures Group (SVG), Upstate Aerial Training (UAT), and iRoofing launch the first Drone Mastery Training class on June 24 from 11 a.m. –  4 p.m. at the Dallas/ Fort Worth Marriot Solana located at 1301 Solana Blvd., Building 3, Westlake, Texas. Cost is $2,999. The Drone Mastery course provides training for contractors to analyze property damage from catastrophic storms and provides access to engineering reports to process large loss claims. The 5-hour training session is open to general contractors and construction and restoration companies who want to learn about advanced technologies and how to operate a drone and utilize aerial measurements to assess storm damage assessment and repairs as well as getting accurate roofing take-offs. All attendees will receive lunch, a DJI Phantom 3 Standard Drone and a UAT drone training manual. The Drone Mastery Training class teaches contractors how to operate the drones, fly the drones, gather footage and accurately access measurements.  Upon graduation, attendees will have FAA registration, comprehensive training on how to use and operate a drone within FAA guidelines, and leading knowledge on how to access site specific engineer reports. To RSVP, please visit or call 330.57.STORM.  Learn more at

This is the first training of its kind for construction industry professionals. Attendees learn how to fully integrate aerial measurements with their drone, through the iRoofing system.  iRoofing will present how to take drone aerial imagery, upload it into their app, instantly measure the roof using their industry leading software, and create professional reports for presentation to property owners. In a report issued by the Association for Unmanned Vehicle Systems International (AUVSI), construction and infrastructure industries are two of the biggest users of drones.

“This new partnership will allow SVG contractors and property owners the ability to have a roof engineering and assessment report within 72 hours of receiving photos and video from our approved drones and training. The use of thermal imaging and drones will allow our network of engineers from around the country to determine roof and property damage, moisture intrusion. These reports will provide contractors and their property owners a detailed condition assessment of the roof, identifying the damages and recommendations for repair, or replacement.  With the Drone Mastery Training, contractors now have the arsenal of cutting-edge technology to get their properties inspected and assessed faster, by having an engineering report from a licensed Professional Engineer,” says Anthony Delmedico, CEO and founder of Storm Ventures Group. “Our goal is to have these reports back to contractors and property owners within 72 hours from our nationwide network of professional engineers.”

According to Construction Dive, the Federal Aviation Administration has given construction and infrastructure businesses 1,800 exemptions, almost 60% of all industry requests for exemptions —which is also almost 40% of the total 4,600 exemptions the FAA has approved, according to the AUVSI. Until the FAA introduces its UAS rules, the AUVSI said exemptions are the easiest way for businesses “to save time, money and lives” using drones.

“There is a huge boom of drone use in the construction industry.  I have 15 years of experience and background as a construction manager and now specialize in drone software and technology for contractors. These reports are instrumental in providing high resolution photographs to general contractors and insurance adjusters to evaluate large loss claims,” says Zac Davis, co-founder of Upstate Aerial Training.

Drone utilization greatly increases the ability for contractors and property owners to get P.E. stamped engineer reports quickly in post catastrophic events, allowing accurate and timely decisions to be made to accurately assess property repair needs in storm damaged areas. This state-of-the-art technology is changing the storm restoration industry by improving the inspection process. Drone aerial measurements help determine when moisture can be found in roofs and walls through the use of drones. 

“We are excited to team with SVG to assist contractors with assessing storm damage to roofs and providing an engineering/assessment report within 72-hours to bring value to selling jobs. This training is a requirement to be qualified to obtain the 72-hour engineer reports on demand,” says Robert G. Harner, P.E.,  CPESC, LEED-AP, co-founder at Upstate Aerial Training.

Harner is a licensed professional with over 25 years of experience as a civil, structural, and environmental engineer, holding licenses in New York, New Jersey, and Pennsylvania. Harner is also a certified asbestos inspector and project designer, as well as Leadership in Energy & Environmental Design Accredited Professional.  Harner provides a wide range of services, and specifically works with contractors on engineering and assessment reports, permitting, and design-build projects. 

The Drone Mastery Training class is backed by a valued network of certified structural engineers in each state across the country. UAT certified engineers provide reports and recommendations, photos, and approved drone surveillance with engineer specific criteria including thermal imaging equipment, and in some cases core samples of the roof itself.  This will greatly increase the ability for contractors and their property owners to get P.E. stamped engineer reports quickly in post catastrophic events, so intelligent decisions can be made on necessity of repair and/or replacement needs damaged areas.    

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Storm Ventures Group [SVG] is the premier catastrophic management consulting and joint venture firm. The SVG annual Win The Storm Conference & Trade Show Expo attracts, trains and mobilizes construction and restoration companies throughout the U.S., Canada, Europe and Australia to successfully manage catastrophic storm events, build sales teams and maximize revenues and profits for client companies and joint venture partners around the globe. SVG is a global leader in training construction industry professionals how to help property owners recover quickly after catastrophic storm events. SVG products include the Phase 1 Sales Training System, Phase 2 Sales Training System, Estimate & Supplement Training System, Commercial Training Exercise, Vision Statement Exercise, Scaling Your Company System, and the popular “Win The Game” book. The SVG team brings over 25 years of experience in commercial and residential construction, insurance restoration, and best practices in construction management to the rapidly growing insurance restoration industry. For more information call 330-57-STORM or visit us online at To RSVP for the annual Win The Storm Conference & Trade Show Expo please visit

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Upstate Aerial Training (UAT) teaches the necessary skills to pilot an unmanned aerial vehicle safely, legally, and effectively. The training course is designed for students from any background or experience level in order to gain valuable knowledge and professional hands-on experience flying a UAV. The classroom portion of the training discusses the differences of recreational and business use of UAV’s, restricted air space, FAA regulations, drone safety, and how to setup your new Phantom 3 drone. Learn more at

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iRoofing is an industry leading mobile software platform created & designed to help roofing contractors improve their productivity, presentation and sales capabilities. iRoofing’s aerial roof measurement tool is the perfect partner for drone technology. Simply upload drone images into iRoofing’s app on site, the roof measurements can be sketched within minutes, provide professional reports instantaneously, and are presentable to clients immediately. All this allows contractors the ability to showcase their professionalism and tech savvy capabilities to help increase closing ratios. iRoofing also provides the roofing industry’s first and only technology platform to visually present all major brands and roofing product catalogs, helping streamline business transactions between contractors, distributors, and property owners. Learn more at View a demo at

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