Win The Storm Conference - Agenda
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Join us in Miami for 3 Days of the BEST TRAINING in the $100B+ insurance restoration industry!  Hear from top-notch speakers, vendors, and industry giants.  Break out of your comfort zone, and take your contracting business to the next level.  This is a serious conference for entrepreneurs, owners, and CEOs, from across the globe looking for real strategies, systems, tools and the “secret sauce” to grow  their companies to MILLIONS.   Get in the know on the latest technology, laws, and changes in the Insurance Restoration Industry!  Hear from top notch speakers, vendors, and industry giants.


Learn how to SCALE your contracting company to MILLIONS in the insurance restoration industry after storms.

Mobilize the Barbarian Horde. Get the tools and systems to quickly mobilize a large sales team that dominates your local market. The INKING Mindset.

Take control of your profit centers! Launch an in-house supplement or retail upgrade department. Learn how to double your profit margins in 2017.

Systematize your production and accounting systems so you can build jobs and collect them faster.

Learn how to setup strategic joint ventures with other contractors from around the globe. Joint Venture Agreements and consulting provided. Grow your network and reach for future storms and catastrophic events.

Hear from some of the top Public Adjusters and attorneys in the industry about industry changes and how to adapt you company to these changes to WIN THE GAME.

Live interactive skit training with PAs, as well as a few real staff and desk adjusters, will show Contractors how to WIN CLAIMS in the ADJUSTMENT-APPRAISAL PROCESS.

Live interactive skit training with PAs, as well as a few real staff and desk adjusters, will show Contractors how to WIN SUPPLEMENTS and increase their profit margins!

Hear from top industry CPAs and TAX GURUs on how to take advantage of new deductions, implement simple tax strategies to CUT YOUR TAX BILL BY 50% or more!

Get educated on the latest in CRMs and other new software programs out there to help you SCALE YOUR COMPANY in 2017 and beyond.

Learn how to cash in on your Receivables - Cash Flow Kills - Genesis Capital will present an opportunity to buy your Accounts Receivables!

Network with industry leaders, vendors, suppliers, leaders and other CEOs in the industry at round table discussions.

DON'T FORGET ABOUT THE WEEKEND ``FUN FACTOR” EVENTS. SVG has plenty of FUN, (optional) activities, planned for attendees: Boating, Fishing, Parties and more!!

Click below to register or call us at 330.57.STORM